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The pizza nights are back! Let’s sort the Friday night “what’s for dinner” question with our delicious range of Sourdough pizza , Burgers and Brisket Beef Bourguignon casserole to take home 

Pizza - Made with sourdough and olive oil, our homemade Neapolitan-style pizza have a generous chewy and crispy crust . Topped with quality ingredients they are the perfect           

Burger - Are a good bun and a good sauce the secret of a great burger? With our soft home made buns and mouth watering fillings and sauces , you can't go wrong with our burgers. 

Dish of the night - If you are looking for something a bit more ooh Lala we also have the delicious Beef Brisket Boeuf Bourguignon on the menu. We have twisted this classic French casserole recipe by using beef brisket instead of beef cheeks. With its generous sauce it makes a perfect winter warmer.                                                               

Sides & Desserts -Fancying an extra little pleasure? What about some delicious air fried onion rings to go with your burger or pizza? Or a delicious chocolate brownie for dessert... 

Pick up / order information - These delicious products are only available for pick up on Fridays from 4.30pm. The good news is that pre-orders can be made at any time of the week by booking a pick up time slot for the coming Friday. Even better, you can plan your orders for the whole month and forget about it !                                                                                                                         

At L'Epicerie we don't use bread improvers or other mixes but simply natural ingredients to make our doughs. Bon appétit!



  • "SPECIAL" Pizza Rustico / Roasted Pumpkins
  • Karma drinks
  • Hash Bites
  • Pain à L'ail / Garlic Bread
  • Dish of the day -Beef Bourguignon-
  • Burger Sacre-Blue
  • Burger Soleil V
  • Pizza Barbaque / Meat Lover
  • Pizza Bleue / Blue cheese
  • Pizza Chèvre / Goat cheese V
  • Pizza Poulet / Chicken
  • Pizza Tahitienne / Hawaiian
  • Pizza Potagère / Veggie lover V
  • Pizza Reine / Regina
  • Pizza Salsa / Grilled Halloumi V
  • Brownies